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Desktop,Windows Game - RPG TURN BASED GAME!

Technologies used:
•Unity 2018.4.11F1
•Some assets are bought from humblebundle packs!
Skills used:
•You got 3 zones. The first cave to explore is to get you started. Take materials as a reward from bosses and sell them to vendors in Town.
•You can upgrade your gear by visiting the store in the main town. Also, you can recover your health by talking with the guy in INN.
•You can level up to level 100! Each level gives different attribute bonuses.

Special Thanks to:

Art/Battle Bosses - Stephen 'Redshrike' Challener, MrBeast, Surt, Blarumyrran, Sharm, Zabin
Art/Battle Enemies - Stephen 'Redshrike' Challener, hosted by